Why Should I Care About Little Green Fine Mist Spray Bottles in Bulk?

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Homemade deodorant… Finger Dipping Good!

  “Hey! That homemade deodorant recipe is Finger Dipping Good!” Said no one, ever.   The fact is finger dipping into a little jar and spreading the goo underneath your armpit is nobody’s idea of a first date. It’s awkward. … Read More

Shea Butter – Coconut Oil – Baking Soda – Cornstarch – Deodorant Recipe

Here is a deodorant recipe by Katherine Martinko of the blog www.treehugger.com If you like this recipe, please visit this blog and subscribe. Recipe for Homemade Deodorant 3 tbsp virgin coconut oil 2 tbsp shea butter 3 tbsp baking soda … Read More

Coconut Oil – Baking Soda – Arrowroot Powder

Here is an all natural deodorant recipe that is supposedly for “sensitive skin” by Robin Konie of www.Thankyourbody.com. In our experience, baking soda is no good for sensitive skin, but every skin type is different! It’s a pretty great blog and if … Read More

Coconut Oil – Shea Butter – Beeswax – Deodorant Recipe

This is another super awesome recipe by Wellness Mama at www.WellnessMama.com. Lots of respect and a shout-out to her and her blog. If you like this recipe, please visit her site and subscribe to her blog, you won’t regret it! … Read More

Coconut Oil – Baking Soda – Arrowroot – Deodorant Recipe

Here is another all natural deodorant recipe from Wellness Mama at www.WellnessMama.com. Word for word, this is her recipe: Ingredients 6 Tbs coconut oil 1/4 cup (4 Tbs) baking soda 1/4 cup (4 Tbs) arrowroot or cornstarch essential oils (optional) Deodorant … Read More

Coconut Oil – Baking Soda – Shea Butter – Deodorant Recipe

This recipe is a shout out to Wellness Mama at www.WellnessMama.com Word for word, this is her recipe using the following ingredients:   Deodorant Recipe 1 – Ingredients 3 T Coconut Oil 3 T Baking Soda 2 T Shea Butter … Read More