Homemade deodorant… Finger Dipping Good!

finger dipping


“Hey! That homemade deodorant recipe is Finger Dipping Good!” Said no one, ever.


The fact is finger dipping into a little jar and spreading the goo underneath your armpit is nobody’s idea of a first date.

It’s awkward. It’s oily.

And God forbid someone catches you doing it.


You need a better answer for that DIY deodorant recipe you just learned about on Pinterest. You need a good old fashioned twist-up, twist-down container. You know, like the one you’ve been using since forever. That way, when you let your friends try your latest concoction, you’ll be offering a genuine gift, not an awkward exercise in some new oily Bikram finger yoga.

Let deodorantcontainer.com solve your finger dipping problems. Order from 3 bottle types, in any quantity you need.

Happy concocting!

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  1. TJA
    | Reply

    Received my first order today. Now I am making a lotion concoction. This is great living but would it kill ya to make so 4oz tubes?

  2. Kathy
    | Reply

    I’m a small business that’s just getting started. I was ordering from Amazon. However, I will be ordering my deodorant containers directly from your site.

    Thank you so much,

    KaDell Essentials
    1-533-KaDelle (523-3553)

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