Why Should I Care About Little Green Fine Mist Spray Bottles in Bulk?

Why would I want to buy little fine mist spray bottles in bulk?

1.25 oz Green bottle with white fine mist sprayer (30-PACK)

First off, let’s pretend you didn’t ask that. Why WOULDN’T you buy a bunch of little green mist spray bottles? I believe that is the more accurate query.

Well, let’s look into it, shall we.

It’s hot out, you are miserable. What do you do? Reach into your bag and grab your handy little green fine mist sprayer bottle that you filled with
-A few drops of lavender essential oil

Shake the bottle, and then spray and experience the refreshing coolness. Imagine, you could be as refreshed as her.

Yes, this is an option that is always available to you, at any time. And the bottles are so darn affordable, that you can simply buy 100 of them and give them out to your friends as amazing, refreshing gifts. The gratitude will be overwhelming.

Do you have to use Lavender essential oil? NO! Here are a few others that we have found to be equally uplifting and refreshing.
Tangerine Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang
Cedar (more for men)

Experiment first with small amounts and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them first, of course. But just a few drops is usually all it takes for a light, refreshing mist.

What else can be done with these amazing bottles?

Air freshener!

Experience the majestic cleanliness of pristine air, ocean beauty, and splendor.

All of this is at your fingertip, the one that presses the spray button. For air freshener, add more essential oil because generally speaking, it will not be coming in direct contact with the skin or eyes.
Spray upward and away from you, and experience the pleasant aroma that only little green fine mist spray bottles can provide. Inhale deeply. That’s refreshing!

What about something more involved, like a finished product? Well, the folks at zerocares.com (home of ZERO All Natural Deodorant) are one step ahead, they have put liquid shea butter and eucalyptus lemon essential oil into a little green fine mist spray bottle and the result is an effective, all natural bug repellent that really works.

Please comment if you have any questions or ideas on what you use the little green sprayers for. Have a great week!

You can buy them here, of course.


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  1. Monica Green
    | Reply


    What size are these little green bottles and how much are they?

  2. Eyal
    | Reply

    link is broken…

    • reidadmin
      | Reply

      It’s back! And, so are the little green bottles.

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